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Cynvenio’s genomic tests accurately target known cancer-related gene mutations to revolutionize personalized treatment decisions and clinical trial selection.

Our ClearID tests provide an alternative to tissue biopsy, combining greater accuracy and reporting detail with vastly improved patient ease and cost. Through a simple blood test, you will quickly receive valuable genomic information that can aid risk assessment, treatment options, drug resistance and earlier detection of cancer cell activity.

+ ClearID® Solid Tumor

Optimized for Colon & Bladder Cancers. Also use for other solid tumor cancers.

The solid tumor cancer panel targets 50 genes that, when mutated, have been associated with a variety of solid tumor cancers in clinical studies.

27 Gene ClearID Solid Tumor Panel • Specificity: 100%
• Sensitivity: 98%
• Results in 10-14 days

Download ClearID Solid Tumor Panel Information →

+ ClearID® Lung Cancer

Optimized for Non-small cell lung cancer. Also use for Head & Neck cancer, and other thoracic cancers.

ClearID Lung Cancer targets 11 genes that, when mutated, have been associated with a variety of targeted treatments, according to the latest clinical studies. This NSCLC panel can be used to support dynamic monitoring of T790M and other important SNV hotspot mutations, in order to quickly identify distinct molecular resistance mechanisms within individual patients and to aid in identifying alternate therapeutic options.

11 Gene ClearID Lung Cancer Panel • Specificity: >98%
• Sensitivity: 95.5%
• Results in 4 weeks

Download ClearID 11 Gene Lung Cancer Panel Information →

+ PD-L1 Expression Test

Cynvenio’s PD-L1 liquid biopsy test enables real-time monitoring and analysis of circulating tumor cells for PD-L1 expression before, during, and after immunotherapy to support physicians in treatment selection. The test analyzes tumor cells for PD-L1 expression and can be used to help identify candidates that may benefit from immunotherapy treatment. Patients expressing PD-L1 on tumor cells have experienced substantial clinical benefit with new FDA-approved checkpoint inhibitors, such as Keytruda®, Opdivo®, and Tecentriq®.

• Results in 5 days

Download PD-L1 Expression Test Information →

+ HER2 Expression Test

Cynvenio's HER2 blood test monitors for the presence of HER-expressing cells. Using a standard blood draw, the Cynvenio HER2 test is especially helpful when tissue biopsy is inadvisable, difficult to obtain, or when biopsy material is degraded, damaged, or insufficient. Patients expressing HER2 on tumor cells show substantial clinical benefit with HER2-blocking antibodies including Herceptin® and Perjeta®.

• Results in 3-7 days

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