Who NK Score can help

Natural killer (NK) cells play a key role in your immune system. By tracking your NK cell activity, your doctor can assess your immune system’s ability to fight infections or cancer cells

More Information About the NK Score Test

+ How the test works

NK Score is a blood test that measures the level of NK cell activity in an individual. If the result indicates low NK cell activity, your physician may follow up with a ClearID genomic blood test or other tests.

+ What your doctor receives

NK Score offers a clinically relevant report on NK cell activity. Within 7 days, your doctor will receive a report indicating NK cell count. An abnormal count may trigger additional monitoring.

+ How often to re-test

The ideal testing frequency will vary by patient. Your doctor can create a schedule that’s right for you.

+ Will insurance cover it?

Cynvenio accepts most insurance plans, and will directly bill the insurance company. Through our ClearBilling program, we also offer several options to help non-insured and underinsured patients. Learn more.

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