Performance to Meet Your Needs

The LiquidBiopsy® Platform simplifies the isolation, enumeration, and molecular analysis of rare cells and cell-free DNA (cfDNA) from whole-blood samples. Achieving high target cell recovery and exceptional purity, the platform enables downstream molecular characterization of rare cells using next-generation sequencing (NGS), FISH and IHC.

Everything You Need for Multi-Template Analysis

High Capture Rate
Sheath Flow Chip

cfDNA Isolation


Blood Sample
Collection Kits


Enabling a Unique Comprehensive Workflow

LiquidBiopsy automates the molecular characterization of ctcDNA, cfDNA, and germline DNA from a single sample of whole blood.

  * Workflow based on a typical 8-hour work day.

* Workflow based on a typical 8-hour work day.


Supporting User-Defined Protocols

The LiquidBiopsy® platform is capable of processing a wide variety of sample inputs and supports a full suite of readout protocols for maximum analytical flexibility.

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