Who the HER2 Expression Assay can help

HER2 is a protein involved in normal breast growth and development. Some women have breast tumors with higher levels of HER2, these are called HER2-positive breast cancers. HER2-positive breast cancers have been shown to grow and spread faster than other breast cancers. Finding out the HER2 status of a breast tumor is important because there are treatments targeted at HER2-positive breast cancers.

In addition to breast cancer, HER2 has been shown to be over-expressed in several other malignancies including gastric and lung cancers, and has shown both prognostic and predictive value.

 HER2 Testing Recommendations

HER2 Testing Recommendations


More Information About the HER2 Expression Test

+ How the test works

Via a simple blood draw, and alleviates the need for an invasive tissue biopsy, the test analyzes tumor cells in the blood for HER2 expression and can be used to help identify candidates that may benefit from HER2 targeted therapy. Patients expressing HER2 on tumor cells have experienced substantial clinical benefit with FDA-approved therapies, such as Herceptin®, Tykerb®, Perjeta®, and Kadcyla®.

+ What your doctor receives

Within 3-7 days, your doctor will receive a detailed report on your HER2 expression. From this, decisions to treat with HER2 targeted therapy can be determined with confidence. We are proud to offer the most clinically relevant and actionable reports available.

+ How often to re-test

The ideal testing frequency will vary by patient. Your doctor can create a schedule that’s right for you. On top of what is known about tumor heterogeneity, studies have found that HER2 status can change during tumor progression. In cases of local and systemic relapse, HER2 status has been shown to switch from positive to negative and negative to positive in up to 25% of patients. (Lindstrom et al, J. Clin. Oncology 2012; Wallwiener et al, BMC Cancer 2015)

+ Will insurance cover it?

Cynvenio accepts most insurance plans, and will directly bill the insurance company. Through our ClearBilling program, we also offer several options to help non-insured and underinsured patients. Learn more.

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†Adams DL, et al. Sequential tracking of PD-L1 expression and RAD50 induction in circulating tumor and stromal cells of lung cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy. Clinical Cancer Research (2017).

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