Who the ClearID Solid Tumor Panel can help

ClearID provides actionable biomarker information from whole blood to help guide treatment, and find ongoing clinical trials for aggressive, metastatic and refractory breast, colorectal and prostate cancers.

More Information About the ClearID Solid Tumor Panel

+ How the test works

The test analyzes dozens of cancer genes known to help cancer grow and spread. By identifying which genes are active, one can target them with cancer-killing therapies. Identification may also assist in locating open clinical trials that have access to medicine not currently available to the general public.

+ What your doctor receives

ClearID offers the most clinically relevant and actionable reports available. Within 10-14 days, your doctor will receive a genomic report tailored to your tumor and individual molecular profile. From this report, therapy progress can be more accurately determined and confidently adjusted.

+ How often to re-test

The ideal testing frequency will vary by patient. Your doctor can create a schedule that’s right for you. As recommended by the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) guidelines, it is advisable for high-risk patients to be tested every six months.

+ Will insurance cover it?

Cynvenio accepts most insurance plans, and will directly bill the insurance company. Through our ClearBilling program, we also offer several options to help non-insured and underinsured patients. Learn more.

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