Who ClearID Breast can help

This test is designed for patients undergoing treatment for advanced breast cancer, and those who require follow-up testing at regular intervals after completion of therapy. Because it is a blood test, ClearID is especially helpful in situations when a tissue biopsy is not advisable, difficult to obtain, or when biopsy material is degraded, damaged or Quantity Not Sufficient (QNS). Since ClearID is as accurate as a tissue biopsy, it can also be used as a complementary test at initial diagnosis and treatment selection, or during treatment to monitor response and resistance to therapy, and recurrence monitoring.

 ClearID Breast Cancer Testing Recommendations

ClearID Breast Cancer Testing Recommendations

More Information About ClearID Breast Cancer

+ How the test works

ClearID uses molecular analysis to rapidly and precisely generate real-time information on cancer cell activity. The results can greatly aid therapy choice and gene targeting, including identification of clinical trials that match found abnormalities. Because ClearID is able to detect the presence of mutated cells at extremely low levels, it also offers long term monitoring and assurance to patients after their treatment is complete. Using a simple blood draw, the test can locate even rare populations of cancer cells to report on the following:

  • Precise identification of the circulating tumor cell burden
  • Targeting and sequencing of genes known to be somatically altered in breast cancer
  • Identification and reporting of gene alterations with a known resistance to therapy

+ What your doctor receives

ClearID offers the most clinically relevant and actionable reports available. Within 10-14 days, your doctor will receive a genomic report tailored to your tumor and individual molecular profile. From this, therapy progress can be more accurately determined and adjusted with confidence.

+ How often to re-test

Testing recommendations and frequency of testing will vary by patient. Your doctor can create a schedule that’s right for you.

+ Will insurance cover it?

Cynvenio accepts most insurance plans, and will directly bill the insurance company. Through our ClearBilling program, we also offer several options to help non-insured and underinsured patients. Learn more.

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